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Introduction to Online Casinos - What Net Casinos Are All About

When the internet left the walls of the Pentagon to reach civilians' homes for the first time, online casinos weren't far behind. The internet became available to a worldwide audience in the early 1990s. The first online casinos came by in the mid-90s, although they looked nothing like the state-of-the-art platforms of today.

Here's everything you need to know about the past, present, and future of online casinos, or net casinos.

Microgaming has been there since the beginning and has become a reference in the online casino world.
Microgaming has been there since the beginning and has become a reference in the online casino world.

Laws and Microchips

The technology needed to create online casinos was already available in the United States. After all, the country had advanced computer technology and created the internet. However, the kickstart came from the Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda when it passed the Free Trade and Processing Act in 1994.

Then, the country started granting licences to the first online casinos. Microgaming has been there since the beginning and has become a reference point in the online casino world. Even so, the concept started gaining traction only in the early 2000s, with faster internet and better computers.

Did You Know?

Microgaming owns the title for developing the first online casino. Yet, Nintendo has tried to put in place a rudimentary online lottery via its console, allied to a proprietary modem. Players could then bet on the lotto straight from their living rooms. The project was scrapped in the test phase amid concerns about facilitating gambling among children.


Today, online gamblers are spoiled with long lists of games with thousands of titles. With a casino app, it's possible to play on the go, with anyone in the world, in real-time. There are live dealer games, with human dealers in front of a camera, managing the tables.

Online gambling today is a multi-billion dollar market, attracting millions of players and the best minds of the tech sector. Online casinos have evolved from simple platforms into 128-bit encrypted fortresses. So, players can have a completely hassle-free gaming session.

Credit and debit cards were available back in the day. Now there are more banking methods than one can count, including several cryptocurrencies. Technology has also improved customer services, usually available via live chat. Try the online casino, or "onrainkazino" in Japanese, and see what a modern and top-notch casino looks like.


The technology behind a net casino these days isn't trivial. It's an industry with prospects for massive revenues. So, the most competitive casinos install new technologies on their platform as soon as they come out. In fact, the evolution of online casinos, computers, and the internet, go hand in hand.

Every online casino must use an audited RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure true randomness at every outcome. RNG systems work under the RTP (Return to Player) rate. The RTP estimates how much of the bets should be paid back to players in the long run. When the RTP is high, players are awarded often but typically with small amounts. Conversely, low RTP rates mean less frequent but bigger prizes.

Live Games

Live games are made possible by a complex array of HD cameras, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a studio monitor. Yet, the cornerstone of any live game is the Game Control Unit (GCU). The GCU protects the live transmission from prying eyes and guarantees every run smoothly for all involved.


Security is arguably the most important feature of any online casino. After all, these casinos deal with very sensitive information, not to mention the players' money. So, most casinos use sturdy security systems, like the SSL (Security Socket Layer) and 128-bit encryptions. These systems help keep banking operations and games safer.


There's a smartphone in the hands of over 70% of the world's population. It means that becoming mobile-friendly became a survival necessity for online casinos. Although not all casinos will have an exclusive app, it's pretty hard to find one that doesn't run on a mobile browser.

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Classic casino games are still on the top of most players' preferences, although popularity, in this case, has a lot to do with local tastes. Casino games can be divided into the categories below.

  • Table Games
    Poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are the most popular table games and are certain to be on any online casino's list.
  • Slot Machines
    Slot machines and video poker machines usually take vast rooms in land-based casinos. Sometimes, even entire floors. Online casinos are no different, and most of them dedicate the best part of their catalogue to slots. In Asian countries, there are pachinko or pachislot. A quick search for "net casino pachislot" will return plenty of results.
  • Live Games
    Live games are those where a live dealer mediates the game. There are live versions of all table games and also of less traditional casino games, like Monopoly Live, Wheel of Fortune, and more.
  • Specialty Games
    Apart from the games mentioned above, some casinos will also have a sizable list of speciality games. These games include bingo, keno, craps, scratchers, Slingo games, and many others.

Avoiding Traps and Dead Ends

There are thousands of online casinos out there, but they are not trustworthy. Even among the trustable ones, not all are worth the bother. Every online gambling platform will look fantastic on its homepage. How can we know that these casinos will live up to the promise on that homepage? Check some tell-tale signs below.

  • Licences
    Every legal casino must hold a licence, simply put. This information is always clearly displayed on the homepage. So, if you see an online casino with no licence in sight, run.
  • Literally Incredible Bonuses
    Some online casinos go to great lengths to attract new customers, and welcome bonuses are a common tool for the job. Massive offers with little information on their conditions shouldn't be trusted.
  • Unclear Banking System
    Online casinos should be straight about their policies for deposits and withdrawals. Information like fees and timeframes are readily available in any trustworthy casino.
  • "Who Are You?"
    Counterfeited online casinos don't offer customer services for a reason: they don't care about you. So, a casino that is only reachable via email surely isn't the most trustworthy.


Online gambling is a market on a steep rise, and online casinos are a considerable part of it. There are dozens of new platforms coming up every year, creating such a diversity of options that it's difficult to make up one's mind about where to go. Yet, gambling online doesn't have to be risky or unhealthy. Follow our tips, know your limits, and have fun!