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How to Create an Essay Writing Task for Students

The primary objective of any teacher is to improve knowledge and help students develop logical judgment and critical thinking. As an English teacher, you want your students to grasp the basics of writing a compelling essay. Teaching your students how to write an essay can get a bit complicated if you have international students in your class. Having a proper outline will help you develop an essay writing task for your students. This article will help you understand how to do that.

How to Give Essay Writing Tasks?
A simple way of getting your students engaged is by choosing an interesting topic for the essay. Once that is in place, go ahead and divide their writing into simple and manageable steps. This is crucial in helping your students understand the flow of the essay. Considering that there are differences between the Western and Asian education systems, you must be careful about what you are teaching your students. As an assignment helper, you should give students useful points that are applicable to essay writing.

Regardless of the essay topic, a good essay must use this following structure:

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion paragraph

Introduction Paragraph
This paragraph should focus on introducing the topic or presenting your position. You can also refer to it as a thesis or argument paragraph. At this point, you will have to give your readers an overview of what to expect in your paper. It is also convenient to include relevant quotes or statistical statements to back up your argument. While writing the introduction, provide a mini-outline that provides your readers with a preview of the examples you will use in the entire writing.

Body Paragraphs
This part consists of the middle paragraphs in your essay. Your body paragraphs can range from one to three sections depending on the subject or content flow. The primary objective of the body paragraphs is to spell out details that support your thesis statement. Use strong points with factual evidence to support your argument. Give your writing a smooth flow by connecting each paragraph to the next. Avoid repetitions in your paragraphs.

Conclusion Paragraph
This paragraph wraps up the entire essay. It should focus on giving the reader a summary of the article. The conclusion gives you a final chance to rest your case. Both the introduction and conclusion have the same features. The only difference between the two is that the introduction gives an opening of your argument while the conclusion reminds the reader of the main evidence supporting your argument. Your closing statement should be a call to action or a global statement that allows your readers to understand how you accomplished your research on the topic.

How Often Should You Do This?
Essay writing is often a complicated task for students. It takes time and experience to perfect it. Giving your students essay writing tasks on a regular basis will help improve their writing skills. It is easy for students to lose focus when writing becomes monotonous. Use different topics every time to make it interesting and engaging.

In your teaching guide, you can come up with a schedule of the number of times your students will tackle essay topics throughout the semester. This will help your students stay focused and find new ways of improving their writing.

How to Check?
As a teacher, before you start checking various essays, it is essential to understand the different writing styles of your students. This will make it easy to identify crucial points from their text. When dealing with foreign students, you can place your emphasis on how well they understand the flow of the essay. Once you have established that the flow is seamless, then you can concentrate on the terminology and scientific terms required as part of the essay.

What Are The Benefits Of These Tasks?
One of the main benefits of essay writing tasks is that they help sharpen the students' writing skills. The more they write, the better their grammar and communication skills will be. This makes it easier for them to interact with people from other parts of the world. Giving your students essay writing tasks more often will help improve their self-confidence and boost personal development. This is important when it comes to writing application letters and other documents required during their study.

Whatever style you choose to train your students in essay writing, your ultimate goal should be to ensure they get the concept and become competitive at the end of the course. You might not get time to learn all the aspects of writing, but helping them have a solid foundation in the basics is crucial. This will prove vital when they have to tackle complex topics that require critical thinking.