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How to Help Your Girl/Boyfriend Learn English Efficiently

Learning a foreign language can be quite challenging. It can be especially hard to help your significant other learn a new language when you are bilingual yourself. This is true among single Ukrainian women and other non-English speaking people and the foreigners who would love their company abroad, who spend a lot of time and effort immersing a new love interest in their culture. So now we will give you essential tips and tricks on how to help your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Girl and boy studying

  1. Engage her in learning English by doing Skype lessons together
    Skype, Discord, or Facetime are a perfect way of teaching your significant other a new language and being available at any time. Arrange a lesson and talk about its duration. For example, you want to have a medium difficulty lesson that will last for 45 minutes. Speak on a day and time which will be suitable for both of you and make sure it's not chaotic. Learning something new systematically will not only make you stick to a commitment of curricular activities. It will also make your tandem much stronger and evoke lots of interest in each other's personas.
  2. Recommend her special apps for when she is at work
    For example, Duolingo can teach you the essential basics of any language (well, there are lots of them on the app), and it will not take her much time to dedicate to a lesson. Usually, they last for 5-10 minutes and contain basic words or sentences. There are plenty of free apps out there, so you can manage to control her success because lots of them work as a whole social network with skills and rewards.
  3. Watch some new films together
    Or some old time classics. The age or genre doesn't really matter. You may be terrible at making movie choices, but it doesn't matter as long as you sit in each other's perfect company while cuddling and watching a movie in a foreign language with subtitles. You can watch Netflix series, YouTube videos, or pick something from the niche movies where all the films are in English (in case you don't live in an English-speaking country). You can also pause the film to clear up some moments or translate a word she didn't quite understand. This might be tricky if you don't live together, but in this case, you can still watch a movie using watch2gether.com to follow the same film on different devices.
  4. Create a "swear jar"
    But in this case, she puts in a coin every time she speaks her native language. In other words, if your significant other has acquired some knowledge in English, it's time for you to switch to using English exclusively, and it doesn't matter if the phrases are so bad that they make you cringe. She is taking baby-steps towards her goal, and that's what matters. Speaking English will make her 10 times more efficient in learning this language, providing that both of you created the same linguistic environment and now are sharing skills.
  5. Leave stickers with directions in English
    Like a memo note on a fridge. Anything will do as long as you keep messaging and sharing information in English.
  6. Don't forget to share textbooks and non-fiction
    Your significant other probably doesn't know yet where to get essential information. If you are not a native speaker and are learning the language as well, share some books that helped you in the past. This will help her acquire a better level of English under your supervision.
  7. Go to English clubs together
    Or if you live in America or another English-speaking country, go anywhere where English-speaking people hang out, walk, and do stuff. This will emerge both of you in the language environment and help you make good connections. You can make friends or at least get to know a couple of new words. Language is a living thing, so it will flourish if you make it part of your daily life.