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Articles Related to Teaching English
  • 3 Questions to Define a Great Dissertation Topic
    The choice of topic for your dissertation is, undoubtedly, the most important stage of your work on this project. Make a mistake here, and no amount of dedication, hard work and time spent on it will help you complete it.

  • 5 People Who Need to Buy Assignments Online
    There are particular people who buy assignments online, and you may be one of them. Have a look at our list and make sure whether you really need to order that paper.

  • First Lessons: Learning Names
    With the new school year coming in April (Japan) or earlier (Korea), it's not too early to start thinking about the first day of class. The quick ideas here will help set the tone from your first class meeting, an ideal time to help students get to know each other and feel comfortable in the classroom.

  • Health Care: The Difference Between U.S. and Japan
    Health Care: The Difference Between U.S. and Japan. Moving to Japan can be a startling experience for many US citizens, especially when they deal with the health care system.

  • Options With EFL Textbook Dialogs
    A lot of conversation textbooks have model dialogs, and many of them have something like a substitution drill exercise -- each time the students do the conversation, they substitute a few items into the conversation. You've got to wonder, though, what exactly the students are doing. Are they really processing for meaning?

  • Visual Perception Strategy: Showing students movies in English
    The power of visualization can't be underestimated. Though it can be equated to a self-help mantra, evidence and research papers show that mental imagery improves performance and accelerates learning for all sorts of skills.

  • Writing Your Resume (C.V.) for Teaching in Japan
    When you're applying for a teaching job in Japan, the job classified you answer will usually be very specific about what to include. Often, though, the classified will not spell out what's expected.