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Ever say "I could not care less"? The Common Errors site has this to say: "Think about it: if you could care less, that means you care some. The original already drips sarcasm, so it's pointless to argue that the newer version is 'ironic.' People who misuse this phrase are just being careless." Check this site for hundreds of common errors like this one.

Cliches and expressions give the English language wonderful figures of speech and words. This site explains the etymology and evolution (via use and mis-use alike) of such expressions. Visit to read the fascinating and surprising histories (and popular yet mistaken assumptions) of these expressions.

If you have ever wondered about the etymology expressions like Goody Two Shoes, then this site will quench your curiosity.

A text file for download of references to work done on vocabulary, second language acquisition and the teaching of second languages from many journals and books. Theoretical work, research and teaching tips and more are all referenced. The file is database ready. Feel free to download it and import it into your favourite database program. There are about 29,000 or so references (records in database terms), the latest are from 2001, the earliest from the 1640's.