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List showing differences between American and British spelling of common words. Americans will learn, for example, that for the word "meter", British usage is "meter" for a measuring device and "metre" for the unit of length.

Australian English, while closer to British English than American, has unique features of its own. This site pledges to teach you Australian slang to communicate with Australians.

Extensive lists of words grouped by meaning. For example, you'll see that queue (v), queue up (British) is stand in line (Canadian) and in American, it's stand in line, line up, stand on line (NYC).

Contains 550+ words. The author, a Scott, reflects on differences in word usages encountered during a stay in the USA. What this site may lack in quantity it makes up for in quality; one of the few dictionaries one would enjoy reading from A to "zed".

Word lists of differences in spelling between British, Canadian and American spelling.