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Often called the International Driver\'s License by mistake, an International Driving Permit is not a driving license. You must have a valid driver\'s license from your home country in order to get an International Driving Permit. Permits are valid for one year (or until your driver\'s license expires, whichever comes first). You can apply from overseas, or from any Triple A (AAA) office in the USA. The cost is $10; other similar offers on the internet are most likely scams.
CALL4ALL.us is a huge Language Links Library to help anyone engaged in language teaching or learning, in over 100 languages.
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language Computer Special Interest Group.
CELTA is the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, one of the world's foremost initial qualifications for people who wish to become professional teachers of English language. This used to be called the RSA Certificate.
The definition page of this site states: "The concept of carrying out research on written or spoken texts is not restricted to corpus linguistics. Indeed, individual texts are often used for many kinds of literary and linguistic analysis - the stylistic analysis of a poem, or a conversation analysis of a tv talk show. However, the notion of a corpus as the basis for a form of empirical linguistics is different from the examination of single texts in several fundamental ways. In principle, any collection of more than one text can be called a corpus, (corpus being Latin for body, hence a corpus is any body of text). But the term corpus when used in the context of modern linguistics tends most frequently to have more specific connotations than this simple definition. The following list describes the four main characteristics of the modern corpus: Sampling and representativeness, Finite size, Machine-readable form, A standard reference." This site, a supplement the book Corpus Linguistics (Edinburgh University Press), should be your first stop if you're asking "What is a corpus, and what's it it?"
The Computer Assisted Language Learning Special Interest Group of JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching). The JALT CALL SIG has an annual conference (usually in May) and publications.