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Making Concordances, Indices, and Word Lists by Ed Beach is a complete tutorial for this Macintosh concordancing software. There are tutuorial pages for all levels of user, from novice to advanced level. A valuable resource.

Picture and description step-by-step introduction to Conc 1.8 (see the Conc entry in this directory's Text Analysis Software section for more info). Includes a download text file to work with. These pages were created to support a workshop presentation, but the information is still relevant to using this program.

Prof. Marjorie Chan's guide to using Concordance 3.0 with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean e-texts

Quote from review: "[T]his is largely a rave review, with a few rants along the way. First I will discuss some of the main features of MC, then describe three rather different projects I used it for, indicate where I found it indispensable, and where I found it less useful and why, with suggestions for revision of the user interface. At the end I append some Web links in the References." Review Author: John Lawler. Published: LINGUIST List 11.1411, June 25, 2000.

This review is "a close look at WordSmith Tools (Version 3) and MonoConc Pro (Version 2), two of the more readily available and reasonably priced packages for working with corpora, in order to contrast the different options that they offer teachers and researchers." Review Author: Randi Reppen. Published in Language Learning & Technology, May 2001.