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We welcome your feedback. We have no surveys etc. in place so for now, please email us.

To avoid wasting your time, here are some frequently-submitted-comments:

Can you help me find a job?
Of course. Browse our directory and articles. We are helping you. Everything we know is there -- we can't help you personally.

What does my name mean in Kanji?
We don't know, and we can't help with tattoos, either. try here.

The site looks odd in Netscape 4
We know. As long as the site still works with Netscape 4, we don't really care what it looks like in that browser, to tell you the truth. We focus on the fact that it works, and we note that NN4 is '98, non-standards-compliant technology that will disappear soon. An apology if that's your standard browser.

What's your hobby?
(Teachers, please stop sending students here to ask me questions.) Skiing and making web pages.