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Contact TEiJ.n About Advertising

Teaching-English-in-Japan.net is a low-profit undertaking, and as such we welcome the commercial support advertising brings. At the same time, we're selective. Your product or service must be of genuine value, interest or relevance to our audience, primarily language teachers in Japan and those living elsewhere who are considering coming here.

We do not sell our mailing list, nor would we send out unsolicited mail on your behalf, so please don't ask.

Advertisements are fixed rate (not dependant on click-throughs) and pricing depends on placement and rotation. We can also offer very attractive advertising tie-ups with related web sites that have partnered with us. Please contact us for details.

Directory Listings

Directory listings are not advertisements. Directory listings are free.

To be listed in the directory, first you go there and find the most appropriate category for your site. (Use the search if you can't find the category by browsing.) Then click the "submit a site" link at the bottom of that directory page. The submission page should answer any questions you might have at that stage.

How to Raise Your Profile And Gain Loyalty

Submit content such as a short article or overview on some issue of relevance to our audience. It's an alternative to paid advertising that really works. The article cannot be an advertisement (it is vetted by our editorial crew). Your tagline as author contains your company name, URL link, contact information and biographical details. Provide our readers with quality content and you'll raise your company's profile and be recognized as an authority on the subject, and that's something you can't buy.

Our contributors see the byline as a nice perk, rather than the reason for contributing. So please contribute to support language teaching in Japan, and use the byline as your excuse for writing during company time.

Bear in mind that this alternative is fully subject to editing and contingent upon the evaluation by the editorial committee.

Content is open-ended. Examples include, but aren't limited to,
  • classroom tips
  • first day of classes
  • an issue in ELT
  • an overview of a key concept in ELT
  • bilingual computing
  • sending furniture home (any anecdotes?)
  • getting married / divorced
  • insurance and saving -- is the post office worth it?
  • dying in Japan -- what will your survivors have to deal with?
For details, see our page for contributors.