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Laurence Anthony`s freeware concordance program with an easy-to-use graphical interface, suitable for use in language classrooms or for quick research projects. The program can generate KWIC concordance lines and also plots showing the distribution of search hits in a document, and word lists and keyword lists sorted alphabetically or by frequency. All searches can be made using wildcards or full regular expressions (regex). (note: scroll down to Software to download the program.)
A compiled table of Averil Coxhead's AWL (Academic Word List), with headwords followed by other words in the family. For example, for the headword "academy", the family is: academia, academic, academically, academics, academies. Each entry links to a kwic concordance of the headword.
Lexical analysis software featuring full regular expression searches and context searches, KWIC (keywords in context) displays and frequency information. Reviews of MonoConc Pro praise its ease of use. Downloadable demo version is fully functional but only displays 20 hits for each search.
Concordance 3.0 was released 19 January 2002. With Concordance, you can make indexes, count word frequencies, compare different usages of a word, generate KWIC displays (key words in context), analyse keywords, find phrases and idioms, and even publish to the web. Version 3.0 under Windows 2000 and XP can create concordances using e-texts that are encoded in double-byte, East Asian encoding systems.