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Ganbatte Means Go for It! How to Become an English Teacher in Japan
Celeste Heiter left her home in California's Napa Valley to teach English in Japan for two years. Now back in California, she says, "Little did I know how profoundly that journey would shape the rest of my life." In Ganbatte, she takes you step by step on this life-changing adventure. The book is packed with information and advice on getting a job, moving to Japan, succeeding in your new job and environment and enjoying your stay there. read more...
Make a Mil-Yen: Teaching English in Japan
You don't need professional teaching experience or Japanese-language ability to teach English in Japan. But you do need to prepare for this adventure. Make a Mil-Yen tells you everything you need to know for a successful job search, including: what qualifications and experience impress the schools; what to expect as compensation; and even tips for settling into your new life in Japan. read more...
Importing Diversity: Inside Japan's JET Program
In 1987, the Japanese government inaugurated the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program in response to global pressure to "internationalize" its society. This ambitious program has grown to be a major government operation, with an annual budget of $400 million and more than six thousand foreign nationals employed each year in public schools all over Japan... How did the foreigners themselves feel upon discovering that English teaching was not the primary goal of the program? read more...

Overview of teaching English in Japan. 1st hand accounts of TESOL in Japan. Reacommended TEFL courses for Japan and useful numbers for further informtion on TESOL in Japan

Language student/teacher matching site and community for women.

This site has information for everyone travelling to Japan. Whether you are an expat, traveler, or resident. Find information on jobs, worker 's unions ,sschools taught in English, visas, embassies, medical services and much more.

The bare minimum information necessary to make an informed decision about a Japanese university employment position. (In a nutshell, don't ever sign a contract. Find out why here.)

A detailed guide on what's expected on your resume when applying for a teaching job in Japan.