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Want to use a Japanese system with English software? Or read Japanese on your English system? (A Teaching English in Japan Directory section.)

Free online quizzes, flashcards and vocabulary study lists.

Organizes the regular conjugation of Japanese verbs based on the dictionary form verb endings. More of a quick reference than study guide. Not for novices to Japanese.

An on-line Java flashcard program for studying and testing yourself on kanji, including on-yomi, kun-yomi and meaning tests.

Even monkeys fall from trees is a translation of the Japanese proverb saru mo ki kara ochiru. This page includes usage notes and a translation guide.

Learn about Japanese grammer, counters, verbs and the date system.

A brief look at learning the Japanese language. Includes links to further information on expressions, kanji, kana and new Japanese .

Converts Gregorian calendar years (such as 2004) to Japanese Emperor Era years (such as Heisei 16). Includes the kanji characters.

Free japanese alphabet symbols. Japanese learning games made in Flash. Learn hiragana and katakana while playing.

Have your name instantly translated into Japanese katakana. Learn how to write it and how to pronounce the characters here.

Recommended books for learning Japanese, including conversation, kanji, idioms and dictionaries.

Jim Breen's overview of Japanese writing systems. Briefly outlines romaji, kana and kanji.

Rikai's Kanji Cards site is a free study tool that's highly configurable to your own study level. For example, you can filter the cards shown to only the most common 500 kanji, and you can change the cards so that they show English and Kana, compounds and more. Not an on-line quiz -- you see the card, and then you flip it over. If it's a card you know, you move it to your known pile. Ones you don't know, you can put into your miss deck and you'll see them again, even on your next visit.

Portal dedicated to Sudoku with Kanji/Hanzi (by topics & by shape). Wide range of free Japanese language learning materials: Kana & Kanji writing sheets (pdf), Kana crossword puzzles (pdf), online Kanji match games. Hiragana Sudoku with Japanese proverbs (pdf), interactive Jap.-Engl. Kanji crossword puzzles (JLPT-L4). Download of first free (GPL) Sudoku with Chinese characters for mobile devices (M-Kanji-SuDoKu). Kanji desktop wallpaper, eBooks.

Free access to basic Japanese lessons by Japan 's NHK broadcasting.

RomajiDesu is a bidirectional dictionary with many additional features such as sample sentences, kanji stroke order, audio pronunciation, etc.

On-line introductory course for learning Japanese.