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A bilingual English Japanese site for Tokyo community and Japan residents giving information on finding a JSCCP approved counseling center, JFP certified psychotherapist, licensed psychiatric clinic service, plus information on how to tell a counselor, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist is certified or licensed in Japan to offer mental health care and social and psychological support services.

General advice on dealing with culture shock, from BeingAbroad.com.

Dial these numbers for medical or other emergencies.
  • Ambulance: 119
  • Fire: 119
  • Poice: 110

A quote from the article: "Medical residents in Japan are more likely to involve patients' families in end-of-life decision making, and to favor informing family members over the patients first, than their United States counterparts, who prefer dealing directly with the patient."

This list of medical vocabulary contains the Japanese words for terms from abdomen to x-ray.

Qualified professional mental health counselors. JSCCP Board Certified Clinical Psychologists licensed by the apan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists and JFP Japan Federation for Psychotherapy) certified psychotherapists. All are qualified and registered in Japan.

This article is the first of two entitled Why DO the Japanese have the longest lifespan? It discusses the health benefits of various aspects of a typical Japanese diet.

Scroll down for useful medical phrases and vocabulary. This page is Chiyoda City 's guide to procedures to receive treatment at medical facilities and insurance.

The official website of Japan 's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Japan is a smoker paradise. You can light up in any restaurant and inside most buildings. Only recently have domestic airplanes become smoke-free. Click the link above for a reality check -- it kills.

The TCS team of counseling and psychotherapy professionals is expert in individual counseling, couples and marriage counseling, divorce and separation support, international marriage counseling and international family issues. Additionally they are all qualified, trained and experienced in providing psychological and emotional support services to help people experiencing stress and mental health problems in their everyday life and job environment.