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With over 500 members in Japan, the AFWJ organization offers opportunities for friendship, support and growth.

Study this site before marriage, divorce, or having children with a Japanese citizen. Our Mission is to restore the rights of children subject to parental separation in Japan, such as divorce, international parental abduction to Japan, parental abduction within Japan and birth out of wedlock. We want to assure these children of meaningful and continuing contact with both parents and both extended families, regardless of the parents' citizenship or marital status.

Article explores the difficulties that non-Japanese have after divorcing Japanese spouses, especially regarding children visitation rights.

ScottCounseling offters parents hundred of free parenting articles for elementary, middle and high school students. ScottCounseling offers parents online counseling service.

Warns that the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction does not apply to Japan. Offers practical advice for divorced parents.

Read answers to frequently asked questions about divorce in Japan between non-Japanese and Japanese. There are four types of divorce in Japan:
  1. Divorce by agreement (kyogi rikon);
  2. Divorce by mediation in a family court (chotei rikon);
  3. Divorce by decision of the family court (shimpan rikon);
  4. Divorce by judgment of a district court (saiban rikon).

Outlines the processes for United States citizens to follow when marrying Japanese citizens.