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Organizations Not Specifically Related to Teaching  

Formed in 1992, the The Association of Canadian Teachers in Japan provides support for Canadian educators in Japan. It also promotes Canadian culture.

To find events by a particular organization, search for its acronym (for example, JALT, ETG). Add city or prefecture names to narrow your search.

English Teachers in Japan is a free organization for language teachers. ETJ's publication has a practical orientation, and targets all segments of TEFL, while ETJ's regional groups hold workshops focusing on teachers of young learners.

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Publications, conferences and events, reduced rates to very good journals.

JACET is the Japan Association of College English Teachers. Regional chapters, publications and an annual conference. In publications, the journals are primarily in English, while most newsletters are written mostly in Japanese.

Japan Association for English Corpus Studies. Holds conferences, publications.

JALT, an official NPO (non-profit organization), was founded in 1976. JALT publishes a monthly magazine and a biannual journal. Local chapters throughout Japan hold workshops and seminars for teachers. JALT holds an annual national conference, and many of JALT's special interest groups (SIGs) hold smaller conferences.

JBEA is the Japan Business English Association. Founded in 1934, JBEA has 3 regional chapters, annual conference, publications.

Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Choose 'chapters' from the left-hand menu for regular events in different KoTESOL chapters. KoTESOL holds an annual conference.

Little America Teaching English Methods

Women Educators and Language Learners (WELL) is a professional organization open to any woman teaching or studying any language anywhere in Japan or abroad.

University Teachers: Uncertain times at work? Isolated? Don 't know where to turn? We 're stronger if we stand together. University Teachers Union (National Union of General Workers Tokyo Nambu).