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This site is intended for access via a keitai phone but it works just as well via computer. Find bars, pubs and coffee shops in Fukuoka.

ELT Events Calendar for Fukuoka shows conferences, seminars and workshops for teachers of English in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Dental College website.

Fukuoka calendar, guides, Japan news, polls, weather, & web links. (This site used to be www.to-to-to.net but changed in November 2004)

Fukuoka Institute of Technology website.

Fukuoka International University website.

Fukuoka Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching.

A fun site with English chat, travel, parties and exchanges for site members (membership is free). Includes free English language tools to help Japanese improve their English while finding friends.

Headline news, event information, travel information and restaurant guide, this is the on-line site for the Fukuoka-Now monthly magazine. English and Japanese.

Fukuoka Prefectural University website.

Fukuoka University website.

Fukuoka University of Education website.

Fukuoka Women's University website.

Enjoy learning Japanese at GenkiJACS! We focus on teaching the language and the culture together, with a variety of courses such as Pop Culture, Traditional Culture, and more. High-tech classrooms, licensed experienced teachers, and practical fun lessons will give you the tools you need to succeed in Japan. Homestays also available.

Japan Information Network's page for Fukuoka Prefecture contains links to all of the offical city homepages in English in Fukuoka. These cities are highlighted on this page's map of Fukuoka, so you can get an overview of where different places are. An inset map of Japan gives an idea of Fukuoka's location. The pull-down menu cross-references you to other prefectures in the Kyushu Region.

Guide to Fukuoka & Hakata: hotel accommodation, temples & shrines, day-trips, travel information, festivals, images, books, internet cafes, shopping, bars, restaurants, clubs, stadium and onwards to Korea.

A short yet useful monthly newsletter put out by Rainbow Plaza, Fukuoka City's center for international relations. Includes a movie schedule and other events.

Non-English site for United Cinemas Fukuoka. Includes movie schedule.