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ELT Events Calendar for Tokyo shows conferences, seminars and workshops for teachers of English in Tokyo.

Download the Tokyo subway map (choose one of three languages) for your iPod. The map is broken up into a 5x5 grid to make it legible on the iPod screen.

Japan Information Network's page for Tokyo Prefecture contains links to all of the offical city homepages in English in Tokyo. These cities are highlighted on this page's map of Tokyo, so you can get an overview of where different places are. An inset map of Japan gives an idea of Tokyo's location. The pull-down menu cross-references you to other prefectures in the Kanto Region.

Tokyo College of Music website.

Tokyo Denki University website.

Tokyo Dental College website.

Tokyo Engineering University website.

Meet Japanese friends online, penpals, relationships, language exchange or just friends. Monthly parties held in Tokyo.

Tokyo Gakugei University website.

Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics website.

Tokyo Institute of Technology website.

Tokyo International University website.

Tokyo Kasei University website.

Tokyo Keizai University website.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University website.

Tokyo Medical College website.

Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology website.

Tokyo Metropolitan University website.

Tokyo Metropolitan University of Health Sciences website.

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music website.

Tokyo Q reports on events last week in Japan; next week in Tokyo; reviews restaurants, izakaya, bars, clubs, baths and books; and looks at the city through the eyes of an architect, a sketch-artist, and a photographer. Tokyo Q is also available on i-mode (on the main English menu) and on J-Sky (at www.tokyoq.com/j).

Site quote: In Japan, toilet paper is not available at the majority of restrooms in train or metro stations. Many of these restrooms are dirty and smell awful. This web page contains photographs of the toilets at these stations and other locations throughout Tokyo.

Tokyo University website.

Tokyo University of Agriculture website.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology website.

Tokyo University of Art and Design website.

Tokyo University of Fisheries website.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies website.

Tokyo University of Information Sciences website.

Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine website.

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science website.

Tokyo Woman's Christian University website.

Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education website.

Tokyo Women's Medial College website.

A guide to blues in Japan featuring: listings, previews, interviews, bars, clubs, venues, maps, record shops, music shops, forum, chat room, classified ads, and e-cards