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ELT Events Calendar for Osaka shows conferences, seminars and workshops for teachers of English in Osaka.

The Osaka Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching, a non-profit organization.

Japan Information Network's page for Osaka Prefecture contains links to all of the offical city homepages in English in Osaka. These cities are highlighted on this page's map of Osaka, so you can get an overview of where different places are. An inset map of Japan gives an idea of Osaka's location. The pull-down menu cross-references you to other prefectures in the Kansai Region.

Osaka City University website.

Osaka College of Music website.

Osaka Dental University website.

Osaka Electro-Communication University website.

Osaka Gakuin University website.

Osaka Industrial University website.

Osaka Institute of Technology website.

Osaka International University website.

Osaka International University for Women website.

Osaka Medical College website.

Osaka Prefectural University website.

Osaka Sangyo University website.

Osaka Shoin Women's College website.

Osaka University website.

Osaka University of Arts website.

Osaka University of Commerce website.

Osaka University of Economics website.

Osaka University of Economics & Law website.

Osaka University of Education website.

Osaka University of Foreign Studies website.

Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences website.

Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences website.

Osaka Women's University website.