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Metric Conversion

Distance Conversion Tables & Calculators - Various Units to Metric Conversion Calculator


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Perform Instant Distance Conversions!
Conversion calculations have never been so easy! Our conversion calculator is fast, easy, and free!

Our online resources enable you to calculate accurate distance conversions instantly. No matter if you need to convert kilometers to miles or miles to kilometers, we can help. Simply enter your measurement, and our handy tools do the rest!

Complete Distance Conversion Information!
In addition to the exact conversion distance requested, useful distance facts are included on each page in this section. This extra information can be particularly helpful in applying and understanding distance measurements.

To obtain a conversion, simply enter a starting and ending distance in the calculator on any distance measures page. A customized distance conversion table containing the entire range of requested metric distance conversions will be automatically generated for you.

For example:
  • You have a distance of 6 kilometers, but you need to perform a distance conversion to miles.
  • In the Start field, enter a number lower than your given information. In this case, enter 4.
  • In the Until field, enter a number higher than your given information. In this case, enter 8.
  • In the Increments of field, enter the size of the division between fields. In this case, enter 1.
  • Press create!
  • A complete distance conversion table will be generated. It will show distances (in kilometers) between 4 and 8 km (in increments of 1), along with each conversion distance in miles. This distance conversion chart provides the convenience of comprehensive, accurate information at your fingertips.
Handy Metric Distance Conversion
You never know when you will need to perform a distance conversion. This is especially true for those who travel, study or work internationally. When quick and accurate measurements are important, our online resources are available at your convenience for metric distance conversions.

Sometimes, you need a range of conversions, rather than just one figure. Thatís where our distance conversion chart can come in handy. It provides a customizable range of conversion figures, so you can adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in.