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Metric Conversion

Area Conversion Tables & Calculators - Various Units to Metric Conversion Calculator


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Obtain Instant Area Conversions!
Have you ever found yourself needing to convert pints to liters or vice versa? Perhaps youíre in need of a tool for a less common conversion such as knowing how many feet are in an acre, or you couldn't find the correct conversion factor. Worse yet, you found the right conversion factor, only to realize you donít know how to use it properly possibly getting the incorrect answer.

Well, with TEIJís area conversion tool, you no longer have to spend hours online looking for the proper tool to do the right job. Conversion calculations have never been so easy! Our conversion calculator is fast, easy, and free!

Our online resources can perform your area conversion instantly and accurately. If you need to convert any figure into its metric equivalent, we can help. Simply enter your data, and our handy tools supply the information that you need!

Complete Area Conversion Information!
In addition to the exact conversion area you need, even more helpful information is available for your convenience. Youíll find this information located in the handy facts section below the conversion table.

Our tools cover all of the commonly used units of surface and area such as meter2 (m2), millimeter2 (mm2), centimeter2 (cm2), decimeter2 (dm2), deka2 (dam2), inch2 (in2), foot2 (ft2), yard2 (yd2), kilometer2 (km2), mile2 (mile2), Acre, Hectares (ha), Are, Section, Township. Square Units are expressed as 2, so m2 = Square Meter.

Simply enter a starting area and ending area to receive a customized area conversion table that will give you the entire range of conversion of units (area) information.

For example:

  • You have an area of 6 tsubo, but you need to calculate the area conversion to square feet.
  • In the Start field, enter a number lower than your given information. In this case, enter 4.
  • In the Until field, enter a number higher than your given information. In this case, enter 8.
  • In the Increments of field, enter the size of the division between fields. In this case, enter 1.
  • Press create!
  • Your results will now appear in a complete area conversion table. The table will show areas (in tsubo) between 4 and 8 square feet (in increments of 1), along with each conversion area in square feet. Use this area conversion chart to have more comprehensive information at your fingertips.
Handy Area Conversion Calculator
You never know when you will need to perform an area conversion. This is especially true for those who travel or do business internationally. When quick, accurate conversions are needed, our area conversion calculator is an invaluable resource at your disposal.

Sometimes, you need a range of conversions, rather than just one figure. Thatís where our area conversion chart can come in handy. It will give you a range of conversion figures, so you can apply the results to specific demands in any situation.