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Metric Conversion

Various Units to Metric Conversion Calculator


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Simplify Metric Conversion
Conversion to metric units is a challenge for many people used to working with English units every single day. While the metric system can be simpler than weighing in pounds and ounces or drinking out of cups and gallons, an English to metric conversion table and calculator are a must have in the ever shrinking world. Whether you are doing a school project or are just curious about the size of a kilometer compared to a mile, TEIJ’s metric conversion tables are perfect for you.
When it comes to metric conversions, accuracy counts. Not many people have memorized metric conversion formulas or have the time to compute the conversions. TEIJ has simplified this process by providing numerous metric measurements and unit conversion resources.

Conversion Calculator
Use our metric conversion calculator below to obtain metric conversions or conversions from metric to other systems. It’s fast, extremely convenient and provides the assurance of accurate results without memorizing any formulas or performing calculations. With this quick metric calculator, simply enter a figure and select the desired conversion type from the drop down box to obtain your results. Upon clicking the “convert” button, the answer will appear on a detailed and information-rich results page, enabling additional conversions as needed.

Conversion Tables
In addition, handy metric conversions for many types of measurements are possible with our metric conversion tables. To access our metric conversion table, select the desired conversion type ranging from mileage, volume, length, area, weight, temperature or distance conversion. From there, simply choose the desired units to access the metric table.

If you are performing a volume conversion, for example, and need to find the number of liters in a specific number of gallons, click on “Gallons to Liters”. A standard range of measures is provided already by default on each table, but specific metric measurements may be obtained by customizing the metric table. Enter a targeted range of measures to obtain this information.

In addition to providing instant, reliable data through the calculator and tables, we’ve also provided relevant facts for multiple units of measurement. This information is helpful in developing a complete understanding of metric conversions and conversion to or from other measurement systems in context.

Available conversions include :

Temperature Conversion
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius.
Length conversion
  • Centimeters to Inches
  • Inches to Centimeters
  • Feet and Inches to Centimeters
  • Meters to Feet
  • Feet to Meters
Distance conversion
  • Kilometers to Miles
  • Miles to Kilometers
Weight conversion
  • Kilograms to Pounds
  • Pounds to Kilograms
Volume conversion
  • Pints to Liters
  • Liters to Pints
  • Gallons to Liters
  • Liters to Gallons
  • Milliliters to Ounces
  • Ounces to Milliliters
Mileage conversion
  • Miles per gallon to Kilometers per liter
  • Kilometers per liter to Miles per gallon
Area conversion
  • Jo Tatami Mats to Square Meters
  • Tsubo to Square Feet
  • Tsubo to Square Meters