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Free visual dictionary written in easy-to-read romaji. Includes searchable database, puzzles, free printable textbook, etc.

Free japanese learning Games. Complete games to learn japenese hiragana and katakana.

Free on-line English/Japanese Japanese/English dictionary. Searches can be either based upon English, romaji, or raw Japanese. Searches result in the listing of pairs of related Japanese and English translation. Choose to view kanji as images (if your computer doesn't accept Japaense) or as Japanese text.

You paste a URL or some text in a form box. The result is, you see the original text (or web site) but you can hover your mouse over a word to see a translation. Translates Japanese or English text. The experience is enhanced if you can read some Japanese already.

Interface is in Japanese - but one can choose to translate from J-E or E-J by clicking on the relevant radio button.

Language solution for over 130 languages. Providing translation service, interpretation services, transcription service, desktop publishing, voice over, language typing, proofreading and editing.

Seeing is believing. These pen-size gadgets are great when what you want to translate is written on paper and you're not really sure how to look it up in a dictionary.

Translate Japanese webpages to English or vice-versa on the run.