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Contribute to TEiJ.n

Teaching-English-in-Japan.net (TEiJ.n) accepts contributions of articles of interest to EFL teachers. If what you've got in mind does not fit here, please suggest how we can expand on our ideas. We've organized this as a FAQ. We're using the word article as a general term to cover all kinds of contributions.

Where do articles fit on the site?

There will be a teaser blurb on the main page, generally a description or the first few sentences, with a link to the full article. Appearance on the main page rotates. We may work a general "headlines" set of links into the main page design in the future.

There will also be a main page for articles with links to all of the articles, so your article will remain in circulation.

A short description can also be placed into the directory, so people can find it when browsing the categories or doing searches.

What kinds of articles are considered?

Three main groupings are what we've come up with so far:
  • reviews
  • how-to's
  • context links (guides/overviews)
Here's what these mean:
  • reviews
    Book reviews, software reviews, product reviews. "Book" can be a textbook, an academic book, a novel of interest. software should be something related to living or working in Japan and/or teaching English. products is pretty open-ended: mountain bikes, DVD players, keitai phones, electronic dictionaries, but please keep an eye on the venue -- TEiJ.n is relevant to living in Japan. Other types of reviews include pedagogy reviews (critiques or contrasts between methods or theories) and so on. Your seriously academic articles deserve placement in a refereed journal, but you could submit us an overview. re: food and restaurants, we're not into restaurant reviews.
  • how-to's
    This is for practical how-to-do-this articles. How to make your computer bilingual. How to survive in a Japanese office. Details about some aspect of living in Japan, such as how to know if your imported appliance will work in Japan. Pedagogy is welcome -- how to organize a student project. How to give a presentation.
  • context links
    This kind of article contains a lot of links to web resources or sites, organized as a short article with a common theme. Rather than giving a list of links, you'd put each one into context.

What content is considered?

Content is open-ended. Examples include, but aren't limited to,
  • classroom tips
  • first day of classes
  • an issue in ELT
  • an overview of a key concept in ELT
  • bilingual computing
  • sending furniture home (any anecdotes?)
  • getting married / divorced
  • insurance and saving -- is the post office worth it?
  • dying in Japan -- what will your survivors have to deal with?

What do contributors get?

Of the "fame, fortune and the respect of your peers" trio, all we can offer is a chance at the first and last.

What are the deadlines?

We're not a magazine and we're not a high-pressure business-first group. We've got no deadlines. Your article will be given swift attention (it won't gather dust) but you're under no pressure to produce quickly.

However, if you're the sort who thrives under pressure and who needs deadlines (sounds like me), then here: The final deadline for all submissions is midnight Sunday.

How to I send in my article?

Right now, the best thing to do is to e-mail it to us.