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3 Proven English Learning Methods

You may be someone who doesn't find it difficult to learn English. But it is difficult for a great many people. All of them are looking anywhere they can to find an easy way to do it. Scientists now say that the brain can be trained in a very simple way so that it can start learning English quickly, and easily. They have been working on it for decades now, in the belief that it has to be possible.

This article is about the three main protocols that have been generated by scientists over time for English learning. You cannot fail to learn English if you use these protocols in the right way. The first and most important thing you have to do is to evaluate each one of them in detail to find out which one would be best for you. So, stay with us, and learn a bit about the Immersion, Classroom, and Dual methods.

  1. Immersion Method
    The immersion method is generally known as the most natural method of learning the English language. The word immersion suggests that something is completely covered or protected by something. So, this method requires that the person should be completely surrounded by a language in order to learn it.

    All you have to do is to completely surround yourself with, or immerse yourself in, the language all the time and for some extended period of time. This will help you learn it in a natural way. In the case of English, you have to speak, read, and write in English all the time. So, if this option is available to you, you should go for it and you will see the results.
  2. Classroom Method
    According to scientists, the next best way of learning English is to spend a lot of time in a classroom studying it. You should spend as much time as you can in the classroom, which will usually depend on the cost and how much you can afford. But using this method you will learn the language slowly, but surely.

    You can learn about spelling, vocabulary, and grammar during this time. You can do it only by connecting to your fellow students in the class and of course the tutor, who will provide you with daily instruction and guidance. Studying in a classroom setting also provides structure and a schedule, which makes it more suitable for some students than others.
  3. Dual Method
    Well, the dual method is a combination of the two methods described above. It starts from the classroom method, which helps the student develop the basics and a degree of confidence. It then extends to the immersion method when the learner is at a higher stage of English ability. So, in the long run, this is the most effective method of learning the English language.
  4. Conclusion
    Learning to communicate in English is not easy for those who do not speak it natively. It takes years to learn this language, but in the modern globalized world it is very important to do so. You cannot ignore this because English is the most important language used in most of the major countries of the world, and to be able to communicate with them, you must know and understand the English language. It is never easy, but if you start out with the above methods - the immersion, classroom, and dual methods - in mind, you can do it very well. Just read over them once again, and choose the method that is the best one for you depending on where you are now on the English language learning journey.